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Plastic tubes provides an innovative packaging solution which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.


Plastic tubes offers effective protection for the majority of products which safeguards the shelf life of the product.

Our tubes can reduce perfume and flavor loss through the enhanced properties of co-extruded (multi-layer) tubes. UV inhibitors can be added to single layer tubes for increased protection for products susceptible to light degradation.

Some products have aggressive ingredients which attack the packaging material; in these instances the barrier layer in co-extruded tubes can protect the tube from the product.

Point of Sale Appeal

The wide range of colors, finishes and decorative effects we offer creates an attractive packaging solution which has a strong impact on the shelf and allows plenty of opportunity for product differentiation.

The appeal of the tube can be further enhanced with our various decorative cap options as well as our snap on flip top caps which have the advantage of being oriented to the tube’s design.


Plastic tubes do not require a protective outer carton; the material has "memory" which means it retains its shape well and can withstand the rigors of transportation and handling.

User Friendly

Plastic tubes stand upright on the tube cap and allows the product to be easily and hygienically dispensed. The durable nature of plastic tubes means they are suitable for use in many different environments from the bathroom to the beach to the workshop.

Tube Caps and Closures

A wide range of caps is available to suit each application need, including smooth sided, ribbed, flip top screw-on and flip top snap-on. Flip top snap-on caps have the added advantage in that they can be orientated to the tube design. For additional cap options, click here.